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Common questions we get...

Here are some common questions we get

Q. How do things work here? How does your service work?
A. We offer a one stop shop for shared hosting services. We have access to numerous different shared hosting companies servers. Instead of going to each one and signing up for an account, you can order from here. Be hosted on dozens of different hosting companies, and have it accessible and all managed from one central location. One monthly bill, one place for support. You can log into our portal and install your Wordpress Blog on different servers very quickly.

Q. So who are the hosting companies you work with?
A. Here are just a few of the hosts we work with: Ask For Host, Bezazz, Crocweb, Empire-Hosting, Geeksghost, Hostabulous, Host With Love, MilesWeb, Warpline, WebX.

Q. Do I get access to WHM?
A. No. You will get cPanel access for each account. You do not get WHM access, because your accounts are on separate servers.

Q. Are all the IP's different and non-sequential?
A. Yes. We use servers from different hosting providers in different datacenters all over the world. So the IP address will not be close at all.

Q. How do I assign IP address to the account?
A. You can't. Since each cpanel hosting account will be on separate shared servers, you will use a shared IP.

Q. Do domain addons get separate IP's?
A. No. Domain addons will use the same IP's as the main account is on.

Q. Does each server have unique/different DNS servers?
A. Yes each server uses completely different DNS server names.

Q. When do I get billed?
A. Once you place your order, your billing will be processed on the 1st of the next month automatically. Unless you order on the 20th - 31th of the month, then you you get billed for current month, plus next month. Then you next invoice will be send out the following month.

Q. Can I upgrade at anytime?
A. Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. All you need to do is purchase the upgrade and once paid, you can continue to order more accounts right away.

Q. Will you do migrations?
A. Yes. Once you have ordered your plan, please submit a ticket to Billing with your cPanel login into or your WHM login info.

Q. I just ordered and I can not log into cPanel?
A. If you just updated your DNS servers, then please wait a few hours and try again. You can try the alternate cpanel link in your welcome email.

Q. Can I pay annually?
A. It's not a preferred payment method for us, but will accommodate you if need to. Just remember our refund policy does not change. If you want to still order annually, please place your order and do not pay. Send in a ticket to sales or billing and a invoice will be manually adjusted for annual payment.

Q. Do you support .DE domains?
A. Yes most of the servers here will support .DE domains