How to order and install a SSL cert

Note: Please be sure to use your domain name following this doc and not “”

  1. Log into your cPanel account for the domain that requires the SSL cert

  2. Create and email account  Or create an email forward to be forwarded to a valid email address.

  3. Under the Security section click on SSL/TLS Manager

  4. In the middle section Certificate Signing Requests (CSR), click on Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests.

  5. Fill in all the fields that are Required. For Company, enter in domain name. Once all required info is entered click on the Generate button

  6. The first section called Encoded Certificate Signing Request: Click in that box and select all text (CRTL-A), then copy it (CRTL-C)

  7. Order SSL Cert

  8. An email will be sent to you with a link to click on.  example:

  9. Beside Web Server Type, there is a drop down box. ”Please choose one…”  Select the option cPanel / WHM

  10. The 2nd option is CSR. Delete the -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- -----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----

  11. Then past (CRTL-V)

  12. In the Phone Number Field, be sure the is NO dots, hyphens, spaces or brackets.  The phone number needs to be entered in 1112223333 (no spaces)

  13. Then click on the Click to Continue >> button

  14. Certificate Approver Email Here select the email address

  15. Then click on the Click to Continue >> button

  16. You will then get an email from Comodo Security Services

  17. In the email, look for Otherwise, please browse here and enter the following "validation code":

  18. Below that you will see numerous letters and numbers.  Copy (CRTL+C) those characters

  19. Then click on the here link in the line above that.

  20. Paste the characters in the text box and click on Next>

  21. Shortly will you get 2 more emails from Comodo.  One for the site seal and onewith the SSL Cert files. When you get the email with the attachment (, download it to your computer and extract it.

  22. There you will see 4 .crt files

  23. Go back to your cPanel and click on SSL/TLS manager again.

  24. Click on Generate, view, upload, or delete SSL certificates.

  25. Under Choose a certificate file (*.crt). click the Choose File button and navigate to the location where you extracted the file you downloaded from the email.  Then select the domain_tld.crt file and click Open

  26. Click on the  Upload Certificate button

  27. Click on SSL/TLS manager again.

  28. Under the Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS) section, click on the Manage SSL sites link

  29. Click on the Select a Domain drop down box and click on

  30. Click on the Autofill by Domain button

  31. Click on Install Certificate button and wait a moment while it installs.  You should get a message that it was installed successfully.

  32. Click OK to clear the window

  33. Now open up a browser or new tab and type in  Your site is now secured.

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